Introducing Custom Embroidered Mami and Papi Hats

Get your Toronto-rapper-inspired-Instagram Handle on a hat. Your hat. No one else has this hat, mami. champagne mami? fitness mami? hot sauce papi? tequila papi (21+)? té de calzon mami? mecos mami... you get the point. Just enter your the word and/or emoji that should come before "mami/papi" in the box when adding to your cart, place your order and we'll design your custom hat. 

Below are some important notes to make sure you place your order correctly. Please read it so you get the hat you want. Because our policy on custom items is final sale (no returns or refunds), make sure you understand how to place an order correctly. We have a table of input and output examples in this page, so you can understand our guidelines a lot easier.

Emojis: Want an emoji instead of words? Sure! Or want an emoji, with your word? We can do that too. Keep in mind that emojis vary across devices. For example, if you place your order on an Android, it will look different to our designers, as they may be using Windows or Mac to fulfill your order. Additionally, we are unable to use Google's or Apple's emoji designs, as that's their intellectual property. We will design emojis from scratch each time, staying as close to the general design you see on your devices, but staying away from a lawsuit. The good thing is that the general coloring and shape of emojis is similar across all devices.

Letters: Our design style only supports lower case, so if you enter any upper case letters, they'll be embroidered in their lower case equivalent. Sorry, mami. Special characters are allowed as long as they're limited to !@#$%^&*()_-=+?,.'";: (pretty much the ones found in the top row of your computer keyboard and some punctuations).

Character Limit: There is a 10-character limit. Letter and symbols count as 1 character. Emojis count as 1 character, spaces don't count as a character, but double or more spaces are not allowed, and will be reduced to 1 space. 

Important: You don't need to enter the word "mami" or "papi" in your order, unless you want the word "mami" or "papi" on your hat twice. See the table at the bottom of this description for an example of inputs and outputs.

Restricted words: Don't use copyrighted words. We will not make a hat that says nike papi, adidas papi, etc. Bad words are subject to our supplier, so to play it safe, use a symbol f#ck papi.


 You Enter We Make (mami) We Make (papi)
Leche leche mami leche papi
leche leche mami leche papi
leche mami leche mami mami leche mami papi
leche 🥛
leche 🥛 mami leche  🥛 papi
lEcHe leche mami leche papi
$$$ $$$ mami $$$ papi
💰💰 mami 💰💰 papi


Available in Black, White and Grey cap, with contrasted embroidery color.

Cap Color Letter Embroidery Color Emoji Color
Black White Stitching Varies
White Black Stitching Varies
Grey White Stitching Varies


Embroidered on a Champion hat.