12 Days of Free Stuff!

For 12 days in December (12/3 to 12/14), we'll be applying 100% Off discounts!

That means you can score some free merch! 

All you have to do is add the items to your cart and complete checkout during the Discount Period. 

Discount Period

For 5 minutes out of each day, the automatic 100% off discount will be active. The discount for that day won't work outside of the 5 minutes. The 5 minutes are completely random, and will change every day. That means that Day 1's Discount Period could have taken place from 5:00 p.m. to 5:05 p.m. while Day 2's might happen at 3:24 a.m. to 3:29 a.m. 

Good Luck! 


If you score the discount, you'd still have to cover shipping (rate based on product and your location).


1 item per order, per customer, per day.

While we've taken every measure to make sure the discount doesn't apply to carts with 2 or more items, if you by pass the limit, we'll cancel the order and refund any shipping costs you may have paid. You can then place the 1-item order again if the Discount Period for that day is still active. 

If you already placed a 1-item order in a Day, and you manage to place any more orders after that within that Day's Discount Period, subsequent orders will be cancelled and only the first order will be honored.

You can, however, score multiple days! If you complete an order within one Day's Discount Period, and complete another order within the next Day's (or any other Day) Discount Period, both orders are valid. Shipping costs for each order will be charged separately. 

If you use a different email address, name, address, phone number, etc. to complete a 2nd order within the same Day's Discount Period, there's no realistic way for us to prove it, so your effort to create a whole different personality will actually be worth your time and we'll honor multiple orders.

Can someone else in your household (same address) also claim the discount? Yes! Tell your spouse, your parents, your siblings that you've found the Discount Period! That's kind of the point of this promotion, to spread the word and joy!


Honestly, we've never seen something like this done before. Maybe you have, but we haven't. If you score, we expect you to tell everyone about it, and hey, that's publicity for us! 


No. Not even we know when the Discount Period is. And we'll honestly be surprised when an order comes through. Maybe even a little salty.


Drop everything and spend every minute of every hour refreshing the website. 

Also, we're Powered by Shopify, so chances are you've bought something online from a Shopify merchant before. If your details are saved with Shopify, that'll speed up checkout. 

Past Discount Periods

Here are the discount periods that already passed, along with the number of orders thst used the discount. We doubt they repeat, but who knows, they're random. Times in PST. We include the order count so you feel special if you scored. Or bad if you didn't and someone else did. Or don't feel bad if no one did either. Also for merchant stats. 






Day 1 (12/3)

11:54p 11:59p 0

Day 2 (12/4)

1:54p 1:59p 0

Day 3 (12/5)

7:54p 7:59p 0

Day 4 (12/6)

2:54p 2:59p 0

Day 5 (12/7)

Day 6 (12/8)

Day 7 (12/9)

Day 8 (12/10)

Day 9 (12/11)

Day 10 (12/12)

Day 11 (12/13)

Day 12 (12/14)